The Carrot and The Stick

These little Fluffy Butts were hatched last weekend. Their mommas are Easter Eggers, Cochins, Barred Rock, Black Sex Link, Rhode Island Red or maybe just Mutt.

One week later and all you can tell for sure is that their daddy is my Black Copper Marans. Which is good seeing how all I have is two BCMs, the rest went to the Santa Ria priest a couple months ago.

It’s so warm  HOT here that these chicks might get to go to the Juvenile pen as early as next weekend. I have found that, if the weather allows, my chicks socialize better and are generally healthier if I get them into an outdoor pen as early as possible.


I haven’t planted any carrots yet but my flock sure like the greens from what I believe were the safflower seed in the sprouting mix that Karen gave me from her stash. I think I’ve mentioned on here before that my Sweety has a supply business for exotic birds, she also has quite a few parrots and the like that are her “babies”.



I have always suspected that one of those “babies”, an African Grey Parrot named Sheila, might rank a little higher up in the pecking order in our family than Karen admitted. First off Karen has always been Alpha around here and for a few years I actually thought that I was her #1. It wasn’t but a few years after our 3rd son was born that it finally sank in that I actually ranked #4 behind those 3 boys . The rankings of our three sons; Michael, Thomas, and Brian are dynamic. Mikey could cement the Alpha position by getting busy and knocking Erin up, but I digress. I had always thought I had a firm hold of the #4 spot until I came home Wednesday to find a 4’x4’x6′ tall cage for Sheila right where my favorite chair and reading lamp had been.


Was this the stick trying to knock me down a notch? I think not.Why? Because Karen shows her Love and affection in so many ways; driving to Utah to get me those “special” eggs when we both know that I have way to many chickens already, finding a new place for my chair and reading lamp, not putting my chair out for trash day, bringing me little surprises back from her feed store forays such as Coturnix quail, and most of all by Loving me enough to be secure being who she is. I find that I have very few knots on my head from that stick and really have quite a surplus of carrots in my life.



2 thoughts on “The Carrot and The Stick

  1. Surely there must be a way to stop them from growing up – they are so cute right now.

    As for chair vs bird – I’m with Karen and vote for the bird.

  2. Swan says:

    Haha…I just read this.

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