Barney is Stressing me out!!

As all of my loyal readers are already aware of I have a batch of Barnevelder hatching eggs that are due to hatch today. If your new here you can read about my acquisition of these eggs in here: The Carrot and The Stick

I set 16 eggs 3 weeks ago but half of them candled clear at 2 weeks leaving 8 at lockdown last Friday. Last night I noticed one pipping and lo & behold I had one cute little Fluffy Butt waiting for me when I woke up this morning!

When I left for work there were 2 more pipping the thought of which kept me totally distracted all day at work. Karen moved Barney #1 to the brooder and let me know that Barney #2 was hatching and #3 and #4 were pipped. I hurried home expecting Barney #1 & #2 to be in the brooder all fluffed up and fine but that was not to be. Barney #1 is doing great but #2 has what I believe is a prolapsed vent, which basically means its intestines were outside. Hoping it was just the umbilical I snipped it off but it is leaking yellow bile looking fluid and I don’t hold out much hope for poor #2. Barney #3 and #4 appear to be doing OK though and I have moved them into the brooder. 

Above is from right to left Barney #1 #3 & #4 . Hatching chickens shouldn’t be this stressful!

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4 thoughts on “Barney is Stressing me out!!

  1. artsifrtsy says:

    I was hoping to hear about Barney – my calendar alert went off today!

  2. Max says:

    Barney #2 passed and Barney #5 didn’t make it out of the shell 😦

  3. 😦 Hope the majority of your little guys make it alright.

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