My Sweety, Karen, is the go to gal for our beloved family Vet, Doc Henderson. Whenever they need a critter bottle-fed or socialized his office calls up. Her giant Heart just won’t let her say no. A while back I introduced you all to Tri-Pod, the poor fella that somebody trapped because he had an injured leg. Unfortunately they didn’t bring him to Doc until he had been in the trap for a week. Consequently he got a double whammy, freak out from being locked up in a tiny trap for way to long and then strangers amputating his front leg. He was one seriously anti-social cat when we got him, in fact Doc had him pegged for a feral cat he was so freaky.







It has taken 2 months but Tri-Pod has finally started to come around. He is really very loving and craves attention but there is still a lot of freaky things going on in his head. Thats OK though if someone locked me up in a cage just barely big enough to turn around in then chopped my arm off I’d be purdy freaky too!

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4 thoughts on “Tri-Pod

  1. I have a tri-pod too, but his name is Pogo. Like your wife I’m unable to leave animals alone. 🙂 I drug him home from a vet clinic I used to work at. He was scheduled to be euthanized because he was a stray kitten with a bummed leg and a broken jaw.

    He tugged at my heart strings and the rest is history. That was about 8 years ago and he has not clue he is different from any other cat.

  2. Thanks for liking my About. I decided to take time out from animal chores to take a quick look at your blog. And I’ll be dang- you do have a soft heart. I don’t know what you did with the egg stealing cat but I sure hope that he did not meet his maker if he went to the animal shelter. I see that you apparently like cats and probably because of your very big hearted wife. So I think I’l stick around since I like growing things but I do not have the muscle power of a young person and I am a bit aged- so to speak.

    And I used to have a tripod cat that was feral.I had to have his leg amputed becasue it had an immense infection and he was too wild to treat with meds. (In hind sight I should have made an attempt at the time to tame him but I was working full time at a very stressful job where I remained for 35 years.) He lived to age 12-13 and died of cancer. He was one sweet cat. Name was B.B. Guess I was desperate for a name.

    • Max says:

      🙂 I had written a reply outlining how my sweety Karen was working on getting a live capture trap and would probably end up socializing him and working with Heaven Can Wait to try to find him a home. Additionally pointing you towards my post about my friend Tripod in the hopes that you would look just a bit deeper. For some reason that reply didnt go through and by the time I realized it you had already got there on your own! Great minds think alike;)

      • Why, thank you for the nice reply. I hope by now that gray cat or gray baby (female?) has been caught and is being socialized. I have trapped my share of ferals and once the cat has “caught on that lfe indoors really is good” these cats can become wonderful pets.

        I also like chickens and if I were younger I would have them again. All the chickens that my children had while growing up were kept until each one died of old age. I am too old now to keep chickens but I love, love chickens. Some are very smart and even make good pets.

        Nice to meet you and your wife. Take care, Yvonne

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