The Great Flood of 012 or Chickens can float……can’t they?

I shoulda known somethin was wrong when I pulled up to feed the chickens and Oddie was hangin out on the roof. It’s not that it’s hard to get on the roof, there’s a deck up there with a set of stairs for access. It’s just that I’ve never seen Oddie up there before. By the way Oddie is my sons formerly chicken eating dog that always reminded me of this famous movie star:I’ve been expecting him to talk any day now for years and I swear if he tells me to kill someone Oddie’s goin to the pound and I’m checkin myself into the looney bin PRONTO! As an aside isn’t Summer of Sam a great movie? such a vivid depiction of the sheltered life of a group of people who think their living in the center of the world…..or not. So Oddie seeking high ground should have been a clue but as usual I was clueless.

As I was leaving I snapped a couple shots to send my good buddy from BostonMark.The first picture is from the front porch showing a modest amount of water flowing in the driveway from the street. The second picture ironically shows the area where public works installed a new storm drain this past year to stop my little piece of Heaven from flooding. At the time I took the picture water was flowing down the drain and everything seemed wet but OK. About an hour later I got a panicked call from my son Thomas that the house was flooding! This was as I was trying to get the Union Hall’s computer system back online after a lengthy power outage. The brand new storm drain inlet is right next to that power pole. Those gates were tie-wired shut.The view out the back of the house, My orchard/chicken corral is to the right of this picture.The irrigation system has been shut off, I don’t think my garden will need much water for a day or two.It was amazing how forceful the water coming through was.Notice the Georgia Buggy? it can be seen earlier in this post in the picture from the front porch. Alexa, Shanda, and Thomas were out in this mess trying to create a makeshift dam to slow down the water and rescuing chickens.

As you can see we have quite a mess to clean up. Those logs piled out on the street came from clear back by the jeep, they were washed down the driveway, out the gate, and into the culvert next door. The old saying about mad as a wet hen is absolutely false! My poor girls were just plain miserable, the only ones having fun were the ducks. Except for Chuck the ducken who was hangin out with his hatch mates bein miserable in the coop. The BCM roo on the roof got there when Thomas grabbed him from the storm surge as he floated by and tossed him up there for safe keeping. I honestly don’t know yet who else got swept away, I couldn’t find my 2 little Barney’s and the 3 little ones Karen had brought home from escondido were so wet and cold I thought I lost them. A couple hours in the brooder though and their doin fine.



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8 thoughts on “The Great Flood of 012 or Chickens can float……can’t they?

  1. How terrifying. Poor birds – I hope you find htem all alive and damp but well.

    • Max says:

      All of them bounced back really well! My two quail didn’t make it though and my two little baby Barney’s are still missing in action.

  2. artsifrtsy says:

    Wow! How many inches did you guys get. Vic was stranded at the airport earlier and he thought it was over 3 inches at that time. Water is both the elixir of life and the deluge of destruction. Hope you find your missing clucks.

  3. holy crap!! i’m glad everything’s ok. we got a bunch of rain last two nights here in chandler az. no flood though

  4. twintoefarm says:

    Whoa! We have been getting alot of rain here too but no flooding. Hope all is well.

  5. Christie says:

    Oh MAN!!! What a mess! I don’t know about your area’s drought status, but we’ve had drought conditions all summer – a massive storm blew through here earlier this week, leading to lots of street flooding. Now we’re bracing for Hurricane Isaac’s remnants to douse us this weekend! We can use it, though. 🙂 Best of luck with cleanup.

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