What to do?

Humidity is dropping, temperature is moderating, and sadly motivation is waning bit. Shoulda got up and got a load of mulch but didn’t, coulda headed up bright and early to clear out vegetation but just veged. I did make it up to the homestead kinda later in the afternoon and found 10 eggs, woo-hoo. Yeah it’s kinda like that but it won’t last, motivation is right around the corner. I can feel it bearing down on me like……….well I don’t know like what, but it’s comin! Mother Nature took another swing at the Orchard/Chicken Ranch but thanks to my sweety Karen & daughter in law to be Shanda it was a swing and a miss. They braved raging flood waters (4″of rain in an hour) to clean out the grate on the storm drain and narrowly diverted a repeat of the Great Flood of 012! I still have a soggy stinky mess in the chicken run though, primarily in the juvenile pen so my goal tomorrow is to relocate it. The chickens have done a great job of turning the compost piles and I need to get all of that mess back in to the bins.

I need that compost to amend the back-fill for the raised beds/boxes I am going to create for the replacement trees in the orchard. It would be nice to get those made, hung and filled so that I can put some winter crops in them to condition the soil before planting new trees next February. By hung I mean that the plan is to build 3’x3′ boxes out of 2″x6″‘s then hang them from 3’ T type fence posts on each corner so that I drastically reduce the relative slope of the orchard. The hanging boxes which will probably end up about 6″ above the existing ground in the lowest area then be filled with amended soil and surrounded with a heavy layer of mulch. Will this plan work? Hell if I know but it sure aughta.

Did I mention I got a 22 lb watermelon out of all that mess of vegetation? I’m pretty sure there’s at least on more in there along with some punkins and zucchini. So really it’s not a matter of “What to do” it’s more a matter of getting my butt up and doin it! Tomorrow, yeah tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. artsifrtsy says:

    Did the flooding take out some of your fruit trees?

    • Max says:

      I didn’t lose any to the flooding, I lost most all of the bottom two rows due to soggy roots. My clay soil and the area rather than specific tree irrigation system combined with a slope resulted in a soggy area I didn’t catch till it was to late.

  2. The Radical Gardener says:

    Good post. Sounds like where I’ve been the past few days. But lots of planning in my head and will be getting a move on soon!

  3. patsquared2 says:

    Just wrote about this myself! http://growsoeasyorganic.com/2012/09/07/grow-so-easy-fall-garden-clean-up/ – I think the toughest part is just getting up and going out there! Hope you dry out a bit and can get the old mojo going.

    • Max says:

      That is a great post! It started some new ideas spinning, primarily about enrichment and preventative measures. This is my first year and the WOW/NOW is slowing down to the reliable/sustainable.

      • patsquared2 says:

        I so know how that goes. I got a full time job which I started 2 weeks ago so clean up has been low on the list. But this year, I am doing it a bit at a time. Eggplant came out today and I roughed up two raised beds so I could plant more lettuce and beets. Tomorrow, peppers. And next weekend, the tomatoes – the messiest, longest and worst part of clean up. Happy hoeing! Hope is goes smoothly for you.

  4. […] over at growsoeasyorganic.com had replied to my post “What to do”, where I was whining about lack of motivation with a referral to her similar post “Fall […]

  5. […] last year I lost nine trees due to wet feet. The remediation plan was laid out previously in my What to Do? post. Basically I built 2′x2′ raised beds for the new trees to minimize the slope and […]

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