The Fall Hatching Season has Arrived!!

My girls are finally starting to lay at a decent pace again. They are averaging a half dozen a day with some days getting as many as 11! This passed Tuesday, September 25th, I put my first batch of hatching eggs for the fall season in the incubator.

20120930-132249.jpg These eggs came from the juvenile/lockdown pen which is currently occupied by one big Black Copper Marans rooster; 2 Black Copper Marans, 2 Golden Cuckoo Marans, 1 White Cochin, 1 Buff Cochin, 1 Light Brahma, 1 Silver Lakenvelder, and 2 Easter Egger Hens. It’s hard to tell but the top row in the Brinsea tray are all EE eggs, the pic washes the color out a bit but they are definitely all green tinted. In the second row the middle two are definitely BCM eggs, I believe the far right is a GCM and the remaining three are anybody’s guess.

20120930-134450.jpg These six eggs were collected over the last 4 days and were added to the incubator today.

20120930-134656.jpg I’m pretty sure this batch has two BCM’s (3rd & 6th) and four GCM’s. I’m really looking forward to seeing the outcome of the GCM x BCM eggs. Heather on her blog, Scratchcradle, had a very interesting series on chicken genetics and in response to a question I asked on this post Heather speculated that I should get sex-linked chicks. The cockerels should come out with a white white spot on their heads!

20120930-141829.jpg If all goes according to plan I will be putting the first batch in to lockdown October 12th and should have babies by the 16th. Batch 2 will be locking down October 17th and should hatch the 21st. Those dates should work out just right to open up room in the incubator for a batch of Basque hatching eggs I’ve been promised will arrive in mid October!


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11 thoughts on “The Fall Hatching Season has Arrived!!

  1. artsifrtsy says:

    My calendar is updated ANSI am anxiously awaiting photos of baby chicks!!

  2. tbnranch says:

    Oh how cool! Good for you, this is exciting. Keep us posted please!!

  3. And what are you going to do when you have dozens of chicks underfoot? I admire your stamina. I find my 3 chooks keep me busy enough – babies? No way!

    • Max says:

      Hatching chicks is addictive. As to what I’m going to do with them all, I keep saying I’m going to butcher the extra roosters but so far that hasn’t happened. I end up giving them away, selling them to the feed store, or to a Santaria priest that is a customer of my wife’s. I have yet to have to many hens, in fact I’m hoping for success with my BCM’s because I still owe a friend a couple.

      • oops – I replied to the wrong comment (how confused are you now 🙂 Here’s the reply where it belongs….

        I suppose it’s like with “surplus” eggs. Everyone asked me what I was going to do with 21 eggs each and every week, all year round, yet somehow they’re always all gone. Last night I found myself wanting an extra egg for dinner but none were due before 5am

  4. Hatching from your own flock is always so much fun! You have a great mix of birds. I noticed that you have a GCM cockerel, too, so I just wanted to add that all of his offspring will be barred – with the white dot on their heads – if he happened to father any of the chicks. Not sure if he’s had any access to the hens. I’m looking forward to the updates!

    • Max says:

      My GCM roo is in the run with the general population, the girls have been in solitary with one of the BCM Roos for about three weeks so I think we’re good to go!

      • I suppose it’s like with “surplus” eggs. Everyone asked me what I was going to do with 21 eggs each and every week, all year round, yet somehow they’re always all gone. Last night I found myself wanting an extra egg for dinner but none were due before 5am 🙂

      • Absolutely! It sounds great, Max! It may be a ways off, but it will be neat to see the egg colors they lay being under that BCM. 🙂

  5. patsquared2 says:

    You are so brave! I received day old chicks when I raised mine and that was terrifying. Cannot imagine trying to incubate and raise them. Let us know what happens, please?

  6. Good luck. That is very exciting. I am new to chickens and I am waiting for my bantam to go broody. I have some contacts for fertilised eggs so hopefully it all goes to plan.

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