Egg Sucking Bastard

All summer long I was on the hunt for which of my chickens was eatin eggs. In fact I got just a tad obsessive about it here on my blog, first in July with my pie in the sky hopes of “Caught the Bastard” continued with “Update Schmupdate” culminating in a little self examination in “Focus” . Well I’m off my meds and back on the trail of them damn Alien Inspired Evil Egg Eatin Bastards! This time I decided to go high tech and called up my BFF Hoss for advice.

Top of the line Game Cam

Top of the line Game Cam

Isn't Hoss one hell of a handsome fella? That's his Daughter Sidney with her Awesome Buck

Isn’t Hoss one hell of a handsome fella? That’s his Daughter Sidney with her Awesome Buck

Good ole Hoss knew just what was needed, a Moutrie MFH-DGS-D55IRxt is just the ticket he says. For a small consideration he hooked me up and man-o-man what a story that sweet little machine painted! It was a snap to set up and was I ever amazed when I uploaded those pictures.





Coop in the Daytime

Coop in the Daytime


Coming up empty again!











The Golden Cuckoo Marans rooster Checkin things out









So far everything is normal, no eggs, but normal…..Then:

I think I may have found the problem

I think I may have found the problem

Is there anything in there?

Is there anything in there?


Could be

Could be


Chomp Chomp

Chomp Chomp


Oh the Arrogance!

Oh the Arrogance!

So I think maybe technology may have won out again, I had been fooled for months by this evil critter blaming everyone and everything that came to mind. Is this the end of my quest in pursuit of those Damn Alien Inspired Evil Egg Eatin Bastards? Probably not, I’ve thought I had them whupped before but they just came back at me from another direction.

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12 thoughts on “Egg Sucking Bastard

  1. That’s a beautiful cat. Hope you can detur him/her w/o harm

  2. artsifrtsy says:

    Oh my – I just had diet pepsi shoot out my nose! So the culprit is found?

  3. No way! You tryin’ to tell us that your sweet lil kitty actually cracks then eats raw eggs? How’s that work? Who taught her that? Has Hoss’ daughter Sidney come on over with her gun yet? Sorry, I say leave the buck’s head attached to the buck and mount kitty’s head on your wall!

    • Max says:

      That ain’t my kitty and if I had my way Sydney would be locked and loaded out there right now! My sweety Karen says she’s gonna get a live capture trap from the humane society…. we’ll see.

      • Karen Carter says:

        Oh no shootin’ the kitty my dear husband….I thought I reprogrammed that genetic thinking. 🙂

  4. artsifrtsy says:

    Reblogged this on the eff stop and commented:
    My brother Max has been on the hunt for a culprit for months now. Who’s been stealing eggs? Mystery solved!

  5. What happened with/to the cat? That is/was a very pretty cat. What is one egg to spare. The cat was, I am sure helping keep the rodent population in check. They do love to catch mice/.rats.

    I found your blog via Val’s and I am not sure if I will like your blog or that you would you like a Texan’s blog about “animules”.

    The best to you any way this blogging thing goes.


  6. Awesome! We’ve been trying to figure out exactly the same problem…wonder if it could be a cat…

  7. Jo Ann says:

    That’s really strange. I had barn cats and chickens for years and not one cat ever showed any interest in the eggs. Maybe the difference is our cats were well fed!

  8. […] Egg Sucking Bastard ( […]

  9. Pepsi shooting out nose here too! (Well, it my case it’s probiotic veggie beverage, but I’m weird that way.)

    I may need instructions for setting this sort of thing up in my teen son’s bedroom. Not exactly looking for egg snatchers, but sometimes you just need to catch the little fellers in the act, no matter who they are.

    The smoking gun, if you will. Or the smoking…whatever.

  10. That is quite a revelation! I have never heard of such a furry, egg-eating culprit. Smart cat, though.

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