Rooster Reduction

My whining about lack of egg-production and repeated Ah Hah posts about finally figuring out the root cause of the issue has been a recurrent theme for about the last 6 months on my blog. This month I am blaming it on to damn many Roosters! ImageA large group of my hens had been hiding in the Hen House and looking pretty sad. So I decided they needed some fresh air and tossed em out into the run, boy oh boy did I find out quick why they were hiding! Chicken Orgy, them damn Roosters chased the poor girls down and lined up taking turns going for “piggy back rides” as my granddaughter Alexa called it.ImageIt was past time to cull some Roos, and no I still ain’t worked myself up to “completing the circle” and putting meat on the table. The intention was to pull out all of the Barnyard Mutts and take em to the feed store. ImageAs you can see there were a couple BCM x Production Red crosses and then BCM x Easter Eggers. I thought I had gotten down to 2 BCM, 1 White Cochin, and 1 GCM for a total of 4 roosters, the other 5 went to the feed store where I got a bag of lay pellets and a crisp $5 bill. A couple days later I realize there was some crowing goin on in the Hen House and discovered that the White Sport GCM wasn’t a hen after all.Image

Three days later and I’ve gotten 6 eggs a day 2 days in a row! Image

I’m not crowing yet though, we have been hit with a hard freeze that is supposed to continue for the next 3 days which will probably knock down my egg production again.Image

My two favorite hens, my sweety Karen and my cutie pie Alexa.Image

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8 thoughts on “Rooster Reduction

  1. Nice post. I woulda thunk by now after raising chickens you could tell a girl from a boy chicken. 🙂 By the way you have/had some really pretty roosters.

    Is that egg for real that looks so red. Beautiful color. If I lived near you I would buy eggs from you- that is if you had a surplus and had way too many eggs for your wife to cook with, etc.

    Can you do a post with photos of the each variety/breed of chickens that you have. I think that would be a really interesting post. Good luck with getting more eggs. Are you gving any veggie and fruit scraps to your chickens (raw scraps) very good for them.

    • Max says:

      That egg that looks red is from my Black Copper Marans Hen.

      • For real? Is that breed a good layer? I have never seen an egg that color. When our children were growing up we had several chicken breeds and we would get the greenish or bluish eggs. I love those colored eggs. If I were not so old I would just have to get a Marans Hen. I love chickens, They even make good pets if you have the time and inclination to work with them.

    • Max says:

      I forgot to mention that yes I do give them all kinds of scraps. We keep a 5 gallon bucket in the kitchen and peelings, plate scrapings, old stuff from the fridge, and the chaff from the feed bowls in my wife’s bird cages all ends up in the chicken run for “pre-composting”. This time a year I let them out once a week to devastate the orchard/garden, they love gobbling up all the creepy crawlies and anything green.

  2. Poor White Sport GCM rooster – he had all the girls to himself until you looked under his feather boa. I am sure he is much sadder but your girls are obviously happy.

    I’m with PP&L, that red egg doesn’t look real. Are you sure your girls aren’t breaking into your paint tins while you aren’t looking?

  3. Max says:

    While the girls haven’t got into the Barn paint the color on dark brown eggs will come off if you are to vigorous in your scrubbing.

  4. artsifrtsy says:

    Glad to see that production is up and piggy backs are down 🙂

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