F2 Olive Egger

What I hope is an F2 Olive Egger next to the shell she just hatched out of

What I hope is an F2 Olive Egger next to the shell she just hatched out of


El Huevo Gato!!

El Huevo Gato!!


8 thoughts on “F2 Olive Egger

  1. Love the olive egger, not so fond of the cat. Or is that Lexi in a cat suit?

    • Max says:

      I’m probably not using the term right, second generation. The F1 hen was a cross between an Easter Egger (green egg) hen and a Black Copper Marans (dark brown egg) rooster. Now I crossed that F1 Olive Egger hen back to a Black Copper Marans Rooster and should get an F2 Olive Egger that lays an even richer olive colored egg. Unless of course that chick is cockerel :/

      • artsifrtsy says:

        Ok – so it’s like Goldendoodles – Sunshine is an F1. An F2 is where you get the non-shedding dog. I didn’t recall the letters at the time I read it. Very cool.

  2. patsquared2 says:

    What a cute chick! How is she doing? And I love the cat in the hen house. She is outnumbered…but looks like she enjoys their food and company.

    • Max says:

      That cute little Olive Egger is doing great! Today her and her 10 siblings get to move into the super-wazoo brooder I found a couple weeks ago.

  3. We accidently made an olive egger by crossing a bluebell hen (maran x RIR) with a cream legbar cockerel. The eggs are a lovely greeny blue and she is quite a large chicken. One of our hens went broody so we put six eggs under her to see what would happen. We got six cute chicks, which she raised very diligently. We now have two blue egg layers and the olive egg layer. Unfortunately, Mr Fox came and helped himself to the older hens and the cockerel 😦 Actually, I wasn’t too sad about the cockerel – he was evil!

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