A Duck!

My sister Lorri probably remembers which uncle it was that always asked this question. All I remember was that according to my Grandmother the answer given by all severely inebriated people was “because one foot is both alike”

Pastries and Other Great Vegetables

Max asked:
Why is a duck?

Max, to be honest, I have no idea what you mean by that question. I’ll give it a shot, though. I practically never walk away from a challenge.

To start with a basic interpretation of your question, I’ll say that a duck is, in most cases, because he is not naught. This, however, is a common answer that even a pre-schooler could provide. Let’s go for a more in-depth analysis of your question. To do so, we shall switch to the plural and refer to our good avian as “ducks.”

Indeed.Therefore, why are ducks? This is a much more complex and is, in fact, an extremely challenging question. Ducks have many purposes, not all of them yet known. At least one of the purposes, as demonstrated by Sir Bedemir and King Arthur, is to use ducks as counter balances on scales (particularly useful when…

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4 thoughts on “A Duck!

  1. teri gray says:

    Groucho: “You take the viaduct…”
    Chico: “Why a duck?”
    Groucho: “No, you take the viaduct…”
    Chico: I got it boss, but why a duck?”
    ps–have I got a quilt for you!

  2. artsifrtsy says:

    I seem to recall Uncle Newt asking the question – the response is classic and obvious, “because one foot is both alike” – what a good memory you have, it’s been ages. I think it was an old Cox joke. Do you recall the response required to the question.”Are you a turtle?”

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