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She thinks my Tractor’s Sexy

Well it’s not really my tractor but my sweety Karen is sure smitten with it, and Lil’ Cutie Alexa aint far behind! My buddy Paul “found” this tractor outside the auction and dropped it off at the Clayton Annex thinking we could use it to clean up a bit. We now have a banked oval track in the side yard from Karen & Lexi driving around and around and around! The youngest two of my three boys also seem to be irresistibly drawn to the musical sound of that Yanmar 2 cylinder diesel.

Brian forgot how to use a clutch

Brian forgot how to use a clutch


Tommy Boy had to get in on the fun.

Tommy Boy had to get in on the fun.

At least today Karen and Lexi tried to be productive. There was a big ole stump that needed to be put in the dumpster, so it was time to fire up the tractor again today.


Karen showing that she can do anything

Karen showing that she can do anything


Lexi wasn't gonna be left out

Lexi wasn’t gonna be left out



Karen & Lexi are on the loose


Karen said this is almost as much fun as goin to the dump


Lexi said “this is way more fun than goin to the dump and it don’t smell like poop”



Lexi offered to teach me to drive the tractor


She found a pile of dirt that needed moving

While all of the “work” with the tractor was continuing over at the Annex I did some chores over at the orchard. Three roosters went to the feed store in return for 50# of Lay Pellets. That leaves the flock with two full size roosters, one Black Copper Marans and one Golden Cuckoo Marans. All of the large fowl chickens are back in the common run with the 5 silkies in juvenile pen. The area that had been the bachelor pen got tilled and seeded with barley, buckwheat, and red wheat. I’m hoping that our moderate weather will allow this area to sprout and develop into a pasture area the flock can be turned into occasionally.

The first Peach tree to leaf out

The first Peach tree to leaf out


A Royal Rosa Apricot. The first tree in the Orchard to bloom!

A Royal Rosa Apricot. The first tree in the Orchard to bloom!

Things are poppin in the orchard, buds are swelling and I have my first blossoms ever opening on a Royal Rosa Apricot. Next week I plan on spraying the orchard with a pulsing agent mix of Liquid Fish and Neem oil. The idea is to feed the little critters in the soil so that a pulse of good bacteria and fungus can out compete any bad guys that may blow in. My sister Lorri has a knack for finding gifts that I would never get for myself but after I get wonder how I ever got along without it. The book The Holistic Orchard is just such a gift, I have read it several times and constantly refer back to it. The author, Michael Phillips, has some fantastic ideas and this latest book of his lays things out in a manner that isn’t overwhelming or judgmental.


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