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108 defendants on Trial

Last weekend was the girls and my “Big Adventure”. My Sweety Karen and the Tsunami Alexa were supposed to come along but other things popped up.



Our club, Las Vegas Bird Dog Club, held our annual AKC pointing breeds field trial last weekend. There were 37 dogs and 108 entries running in 7 different stakes. For the past 6 years or so, with the exception of last year, I have been the Field Trial secretary responsible for entries, running order, line marshaling, and basically keeping everything moving in an orderly manner. This Trial had me a bit stressed due to the large number of entries. When I started out we had less than half this number of entries but With Kita’s (Director) guidance we have become quite the event!





During the three days we were out there

We got hit with damn near every kind of weather you can think of, from bright sunny beautiful to mid-20’s with snow pushed by 30 mph winds. My newest rescue girl, Jersey Sue, got to go along after only a week with us and showed she’s a trooper.



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