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Does this look like a Cock to you?

The flock at the FruityChicken has really expanded but my ID skills, whether related to breed or sex, hasn’t improved much. So I am forced to rely on the kindness of strangers.1.  I know this one is a Golden Cuckoo Marans and am pretty sure it is a Pullet


2. This one is a Backyard Bastard and has very cute white earlobes and a blue tail


3. My Sweety, Karen, got this one down in Escondido. It was listed as a “fancy” pullet.


4. Another one of those “fancy” pullets from Escondido


5. Ignoring the EE in the middle I think the two black ones are Black Copper Marans pullets


6. A closeup of one of the suspected Black Copper Marans pullets.


7. This is another Golden Cuckoo Marans that I believe is a Cockerel


8. In this group shot I think I have starting at 12 o’clock a BCM pullet, 2 GCM pullets at 1, a White Cochin pullet at 5, GCM roo at 6, and finally a Buff Cochin pullet at the 9 o’clock position.

If there’s any chicken experts reading this please let me know what you think, If your not an expert your comments are welcome also!

P.S. Ain’t I got a pretty bunch of chooks?

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