Mulch ado about nuffin

Things have progressed in the garden to that slight lull in activity between preparing, planting, and harvesting. There is still plenty to do like my bi-weekly spraying regime and weeding, but luckily it is not as hectic as before. In between setting the tub in the guest bathroom at the Clayton house today I mulched raised bed #2.

Mulch06 Mulch07 Mulch08

Comfrey leaves being laid out

Comfrey leaves being laid out

This bed has a bit of nitrogen deficiency problem

This bed has a bit of nitrogen deficiency problem

Comfrey is high in nitrogen and breaks down rapidly, I am hoping this layer of leaves will help boost the fertility in this bed.

Straw Mulch

Comfrey plants can be seen in the foreground of this picture. They are on the downslope end of this bed in order to scavenge any nutrients that leach down.

Comfrey plants, seen in the foreground of this picture, are on the downslope end of this bed to scavenge any nutrients that leach down.

It hit 101* F today! The straw will help keep the soil temps down a bit along with minimizing evaporation.

Isn't this Tomcot Apricot a beauty?

Isn’t this Tomcot Apricot a beauty?

This is Karen's latest foster baby...Tribeca

This is Karen’s latest foster baby…Tribeca

My sweety Karen’s latest foster baby is Tribeca, a cute little kitten with a severely mangled paw that will necessitate amputation of her leg when she gets a bit older.

YummyCammy & Tribeca

Tribeca is socializing well and has a large following on The Humane Societies FB page already, so finding her a good forever home shouldn’t be a problem .

Gooey's new mineral block

Gooey’s new mineral block

Gooey the Mountain Goat

Goats have special mineral needs and now that Gooey is down to one bottle a day I went out and got her a mineral block. Like everything else in her world though the block is just another obstacle to climb!

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10 thoughts on “Mulch ado about nuffin

  1. I love Gooey. But I still think you should get bees.

  2. Do you have problems with the mulch just blowing away? or do you have some good wind breaks/protection? Every time I have mulched, it just seems to blow away by the next week…

    • Max says:

      My garden beds are a bit protected in that they’re in between the orchard rows but my fruit trees are only a year old so the wind protection isn’t that substantial. I planted fairly densely and use straw that I kind of stuff in between/under the plants and so far it is staying in place.

      • Cool! we are thinking about fruit trees either soon or in the fall. And maybe straw would be better for my boxes…thanks!

      • Max says:

        It aint the season to be planting fruit trees in our valley. Have you been out to the UNCE orchard on Horse just east of Decatur? John and the other Master Gardeners out there are a wealth of information specific to our area. They also order bare root fruit trees in the fall that are proven to do well here.

      • I had no idea about them…that’s not to far from me, I’ll definitely go chat with them. I haven’t done a ton of research, but I really want to learn more, especially since we’ll be in this house long enough for it to be worth it. When is the best time to plant fruit trees here? fall?

      • Max says:

        The best time is late winter around February, that way they get to stretch their roots a bit and put out a bit of canopy before the heat slams them come summer. The UNCE orchard is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8am till noon. They sell whatever has been recently harvested, put on classes, welcome volunteers. They also are a great place to get mulch, several tree services dump their chips there rather than take them to the dump. If you load your own they are free if you have them load them with the tractor your kinda expected to chip in for fuel for the tractor. I usually give them $5 for a truckload.

      • Thanks max! I’ll see if we can head up there this week. so we definitely missed February planting, I think we will shoot for fall =) now to scale back my huge plans!

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